This spring, we're going to visit the Domain of the Caves of Han.
This event lasts a full day and offers you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Ardennes and have fun with friends!

This is a day full of exploring. We focus on the most beautiful places: the actual caves, the wild park (including a safari), ...

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W…wa….was that a bear??? Or was it just a shadow? Defend your tents from the wild outsides! Because we’re camping in the deep forest!.

This summer only at FWOF: Survival camping! One team, One night! Let ur spirit animal out show us that your fursona CAN survive out in the wild! Oh and also, did I mention the forest is haunted by ghosts, wizards and other creatures? Good luck mortal!

20/07/2019 - 21/07/2019
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WOA! Don’t we all dream of jewels and coins? I found a map with an X on! And it leads us to Walibi?!? Weird… I wonder… would there truly be a treasure there? Let's find out!

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The most romantic valentine ever? Join FWOF on this yearly weekend to the Ardennes! Food, relaxations, nature, luxury, ... what else do u need?

07/02/2020 - 09/02/2020
More about this event

FWOF is a series of events, organised by Fumps The Folf.
Together with Reno, Fur Bendji, Daflon and Hypi, we try to organise fun seasonal events!
Our goal is to have a small get together for max 20-30 furries (and normie Nick).

Every edition, we have a new mascotte. The name is based on a funny joke during the meet! Check them out below!

Panne Caves of Han Spring 2019
Widelec Survival Camping Summer 2019
Freek Walibi Autumn 2019