Postponed: Winter Event: Ardennes 23/07/2021 - 25/07/2021
0 spots left

The event is postponed to summer 2021!

It is that time again! Food, drinks, games and fun!

Join FWOF during the annual trip to the Ardennes!
Experience a care-free weekend! (only worrying about ehhh... nothing!)
Like every year, Fumps will take good care of you! 
He wil throw food, cocktails and random objects at you! (random objects might include shoe laces!)

One of the main activities this year is a daytrip to wildlife park La Roche-en-Ardenne!

Note: If we don't spend the full €200 for this event, the leftover money will be transfered back to the account of the attendees. Sponsors of this event get the same price back as other attendees. The extra €50 you paid for sponsor, is a donation and can't get refunded. This money is used to improve the current event and upcoming events and is a small gift for our hard work.

Covid-19 info: This event requires a down payment to be made by FWOF. If this event gets cancelled by decision of the government a full refund will be made. if this events gets cancelled by ardenne-etapes or us, the refund will unfortunately  be 90% of your total amount.

Date 23/07/2021 - 25/07/2021
Location Belgium
Max capacity 20 attendees
Normal price € 200,00
Sponsor price € 250,00
What to bring: - Legal documents (ID / passports / money / ...) - Sleeping bag / Blankets AND pillow sleeve AND mattress cover
17:00 Meetup at the location.
Confirmed (12) - Hypi The Fox - Daflon - Damien LeBlanc - Niels - Fumps The Folf - Bendji - Pudyflux - Jenky - Faelan - Kanso - Furexa - Kayroo
Pending (8) - Narf - Wikke - DD - Reno - Amaroq - Khartan - Neroj - Jules