Screm! Shout! Sing! 11/06/2022
13 spots left Dok Noord 7/301
9000 Gent

Spring is in the air! Birds are singing ... wait what is that screm? Oh its the KARAOKE box in Gent! 

Not only birds ar singing this spring but all kind of weird furry animals!

Join fwof on this fun day activity! 

Note: Diner is not included in the price! (what is?) well we'll provide snacks and drinks! (cocktails not included).

P.S.: there are more activities than karaoke! You can find all info here!

Date 11/06/2022
Location Dok Noord 7/301
9000 Gent
Max capacity 15 attendees
Normal price € 15,00
Sponsor price € 25,00
What to bring: - Legal documents (ID / passports / money / ...)
14:00 Meetup at Dok Noord, in front of the delhaise.
14:30 Start Singing!
Pending (2) - Jules - MrEvers

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