☣️ Spring event - The Outsider Meet 18/07/2020
4 spots left Donkstraat 50
9700 Oudenaarde

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we might have to postpone/cancel this event. We will keep you updated.

The Outsider hasn't (yet) confirmed cancellation. This means we can still plan on going. If they decide to cancel this event, we will most likely postpone it to a later date (free of charge).

This spring, we're going to visit the Outsider Vlaamse Ardennen. This event lasts a full day and offers you the possibility to get nyasty and discover higher places!

It's time to let your inner aviator out! We will climb the 16m tall blue diamond tower! Make sure you don't trip!
After that we will walk the Pantanal, which is home to the swamp monster! The only way to defeat him is to get to the other side of the swamp!

When we're all covered in mud, we can enjoy a nice drink and some noms at the local cantine.
There are still a lot of activities you can do alone, like the barefoot walk or canoe trip over the lake. The FWOF board will organize some activities as well!

Date 18/07/2020
Location Donkstraat 50
9700 Oudenaarde
Max capacity 20 attendees
Normal price € 30,00
Sponsor price € 40,00
What to bring: - Legal documents (ID / passports / money / ...) - Spare clothing! (inc. shoes) - Snacks & drinks (water might be handy) - Cash money for lunch and/or dinner - If weather is bad: bring suitable cloths! Activities are outside!
13:00 Meetup at the entrance.
16:00 Ends, drinks, fun.
18:00 Noms?
Confirmed (15) - Fumps The Folf - Fur Bendji - DD - Kay - Jules - Kanso - Khartan - Thinder - Sharon - Fluff the Dutch Angel Dragon - Mel - Ozzy - Yuji - Kai - Reno
Pending (1) - Dawn

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