Survival Camping 2.0.

W-wa-was that a bear??? Or was it just a shadow? Defend your tents from the wild outsides! Because we’re camping in the deep forests of Geel.

This summer only at FWOF: Survival camping! One team, Two nights! Let your spirit animal out and show us that your fursona CAN survive out in the wild! Oh and also, did I mention the forest is haunted by ghosts, wizards and other creatures? Good luck mortal!

The trip starts at the edge of the big forest! Guarded by the great and wise wizard who has the first riddle of many for you! Answer it right and he will teleport all of your stuff to the hideout... but if you are wrong...

The trip to the hideout is dangerous! U might see some unique creatures like HUUUMANS!!! (don’t feed them plz) Once at the hideout we can set up our tents and prepare the noms.

I bet the ghosts of the forest will provide us with enough games to play!

14/08/2020 - 16/08/2020
24 spots left. (max. 40)
Verified attendees:
Fumps The Folf | Fur Bendji | Reno Woods | Daflon | Hypi | Jules | Kanso | Kharthan | Ozzy the Otter | Fluff
Normal price: € 20 / person
Sponsor price: € 30 / person
Warm + rain clothing!
Tent + sleeping bags
Flashlight + Toilet pater + batery bank + ...
Snacks + drinks (for example alcohol) (water might be handy!)
If weather is bad: bring suitable cloths!
Legal documents (ID / passports / money /...)
Meetup at the Camping spot.

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