Survival Camping

The most romantic valentine ever? Join FWOF on this yearly weekend to the Ardennes! Food, relaxations, nature, luxury, ... what else do u need?

Info: For the price of 200 euro you get E V E R Y T H I N G, Food, Drinks (incl alcohol), a place to sleep, swimming pool, ... !!!

We book the place as soon as we have +10 attendees.

We have a great staff team that will help you satisfy all you needs! We are a team! This means we help each other; setting up dinner, cleaning the house when we leave and so on.

Oh and also we LOVE the fandom! Make sure you are ready for the romantic dinner party! Wine and cheesy talk! Make sure you look your best!

Is your (fursuit)crush coming? Write him an anonymous note! We'll shuffle all notes in a box and read them out loud! lets have a good laugh and maybe some embarrassing moments! But that's fun right?

For this event the sponsor package is slightly different: every sponsor gets a T-shirt and the traditional FWOF batch!

07/02/2020 - 09/02/2020
No spots left!
Verified attendees:
Fumps The Folf | Bendji | Daflon | Hypi | Khartan | Jules | DD | Choob | Kanso | Normie Nick | Missy | Cinder | Thinder | Sharon | Narf | Kayroo | Shiro | Furrytail
Normal price: € 200 / person
Sponsor price: € 230 / person
Legal documents (ID / passports / money /...)
Cloths / good shoes / towels / ...)
Swimming gear
If needed: medication
Party games
Bed sheets (more info on dimensions later)
15:00 (Friday)
Pre-meetup in the town village, apero time!
16:00 (Friday)
Going to the house in group.
16:10 (Friday)
Setting up our stay!
17:00 (Friday)
Start of a great weekend!
17:00 (Sunday)
End of a great weekend!
18:00 (Sunday)
Noms on the way home (burgerking)